Scandinavian First Aid Solutions

“We believe that together we can change the practice and perception of First Aid with practical Scandinavian solutions that help preserve life, prevent further harm and promote recovery regardless of the environment

Whether at home, in the office or on your next holiday adventure in the wilderness or far-off lands,  we put your safety first with our customised and innovational First Aid concepts”


Launching in Q3

Conceptualised, designed and developed by our team of experienced industry specialists and incorporating Scandinavian design innovation with quality and statutory regulatory requirements, our all-new and innovational NorthAid portfolio of First Aid solutions will officially be launched in Q3/2017.

Quality Compass

Quality is not just a perceptual or subjective attribute with us. It is the measure of excellence that guides us in everything we do.

From the design and manufacture of transformational First Aid solutions through to the establishment of robust distributor  relationships, our quality compass will always points North


Let’s get acquainted

As a newly-founded subsidiary of one of Denmark’s leading Health, Safety and Security solution providers, our aim is to design, manufacture and market exceptional First Aid products at affordable costs, for export around the globe.

Together with our long term business partners and distributors we aim to change the practice and perception of First Aid worldwide.

Come join us on our journey