Family Ties

NorthAid is a family owned company situated in Denmark. We are a newly founded company with old roots, we have a broad experience in health, safety and security. We put family ties high in our business model – we have and seek long-term business partners who are willing to work with us as a partner not as a customer or distributor. We will always strive to do our best to make every effort worthwhile. Our NorthAid concept is a new clean-cut Scandinavian brand ready for European export from Denmark.


Scandinavian Design

First aid from the North has to be presented likewise. Clean, fresh and versatile. NorthAid EVA bag design emphasizes the importance of simplicity with an easy to clean surface and roomy insides of every bag, whether you are home or away. Three standard sized EVA bags with zipper. Furthermore other products have been developed. Being outdoor sporty person calls for simple and great first aid products. NorthAid has the answer.


No Prejudice

To NorthAid quality and cooperation is everything. Both when we produce our first aid products but also when we choose our business partners. We believe in long-term relationships. If we believe in the setup of our business partners, we are willing to strengthen the partnership through honesty and decent communication.


Hygiene – First rule of first aid

NorthAid follows the four simple rules of first aid.

1.    Stop the accident
2.    Evaluate injuries
3.    Call for help
4.    Give first aid

The NorthAid bag system is developed to comply with these rules. You have to put yourself first in order to help others. Protect yourself before aiding. That is why we put hygiene in front. Our Hygiene bag 1 is placed inside all our kits. Containing disposable gloves, disinfectant swabs and face shield for mouth to mouth. We think that Hygiene is essential when you want to stop the accident. Time has taught us that hygiene is important in every aspect of life. This is a fact also in first aid.


First Aid even better

Why fix something if it is not broken? NorthAid makes the well-known concept of consumer first aid even better. The numbered pocket system provides the user with a quick overview.

NorthAid – a new brand of first aid products cleverly put together to favor every tough situation. Cleaning and disinfecting is important both when preparing to aid and during treatment. Therefore hygiene is significant in our refill structure. Bag 1 is always the first one to be used. Safety first – every time and that means using gloves and disinfectant before cleaning any wound. This minimizes the risk of wound contamination.


Online Independence

At NorthAid.com all products are displayed with every kind of relevant info. Furthermore the private label opportunity will be optional to explore for business partners who are logged in. Download our templates and put on your own design before placing an order of your very own design. And remember: At NorthAid.com every product price is available. But your price always depend on the product quantity.

Flexible – and willing to adapt

We expect the very best of our production line in China. And having our own production in the Far East has a lot of advantages. We can control the quality and at the same time offer these products reasonable priced in Europe and Scandinavia. With NorthAid’s own stock in Denmark our customers do not have to worry about large quantities and long lead times, if they want eastern consumables. Let us handle all the usual inconvenience. NorthAid even offers an entire private label setup for our customers.


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